rajinikanth Datukship awardHave you heard of Panglima Mahkota Wilayah (PMW) award conferred by the Malaysian government every year? Many might not know that this award carries a title ‘Datuk’ on the recepient. In 2008 superstar Shahrukh Khan became the first Indian to receive the award and Datukship. And recently on the Federal Day of 2015, International star Jackie Chan was conferred ‘Datukship’.

Now an online petition demanding the same for superstar Rajnikanth has been created which aims at collecting 100 online signatures supporting the actor. The petition thus reads, “In recent years, Datukships have been awarded to Shah Rukh Khan and also Jackie Chan. If this is possible, then we request to give a Datukship title to superstar Rajnikanth, too. Thalaiva!!!!”

This petition was created by change.org user, Ravisankar Sellakkannu, Change.org being the world’s largest petition platform. The references of Shahrukh Khan and Jackie Chan gives weight to the petition and since Thalaiva Rajnikanth has a large fan base in Malaysia which makes him more deserving for the title. With this, more and more demands of this kind might sprout up soon.