Personal Questions Before Every Chay Film!Naga Chaitanya is going through a strange phase in his life and career. Despite delivering successful films like Majili, Love Story, and Bangarraju, his personal life is being highlighted more than his professional life.

In September 2021, the rumors about his split with Samantha had already hit the headlines. So while promoting Love Story, the interviewers focussed more on these rumors instead of the movie and made Chay uncomfortable.

Even during the promotions of Bangarraju, Naga Chaitanya was bombarded with personal questions about his relationships and split with Samantha. How much ever Chay tried to avoid them, these personal questions continued to haunt him.

Naga Chaitanya’s Thank You is about to release next month, and again his personal life is in the limelight again. Chay, rumoredly, is in a relationship with actress Shobita Dhulipala these days. So the tabloids will definitely be targetting Naga Chaitanya with queries about his personal life and the new girl in his life.