Perfect chemistry between NTR and Samantha!
Junior NTR with Samantha is a perfect combination and it was proved in Brindavanam. Fans are keen to watch this pair again in Ramayya Vasthavayya. Samantha is also happy to work with Junior NTR and Director Harish Shankar. Her tweets about blast of a time in shooting being done in Spain indicates that she is on high skies with the pleasant atmosphere in the shooting. NTR’s energy and cooperation have also helped her to bring out best in her during the shooting.

Junior NTR will be shown as a romantic guy in the film and Samantha is perfectly matched to the role. NTR is keen on selection of heroines after disastrous Dammu movie in which veteran Trisha and Heavy weight Karteeka acted along with him. The selection of both heroines is a wrong decision even hardcore fans bluntly rejected the movie. Now fans are happy to see NTR-Samantha’s combination in Ramayya Vastavayya.