Versatile actress, Jayasudha, has spoken about the political party ‘Jana Sena’ initiated by Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. India is a democratic country and if anyone wants to do good to the people, we must welcome him, and the same applies to Pawan Kalyan, she said.

Pawan Kalyan is a person with all the qualities to bring in a change. With his ideas and ideologies, and the anger over bifurcation, he is capable of turning the tables. But the only problem is that he has stepped in very late into the political land, said the Congress MLA. With the elections approaching fast, it will be very difficult for Kalyan to campaign and establish the motives of his party into the minds of people. And there is a possibility for the people to misunderstand this decision by thinking that Pawan Kalyan has stepped in only for political grace and not for actually serving the people, said Jayasudha.

Had he come earlier, maybe a couple of years ago, a change would’ve definitely arrived. By welcoming Pawan and his party, Jayasudha has said that if one is determined to bring development, he has to keep working even after tasting failure a few times. With elections arriving quickly, how well can Pawan send his message to people and convince them?