People Bothering Prime for the Small Film

People Bothering Prime for the Small Film Brochevarevarura The small film Brochevarevaru Ra with no star cast but with perfectly worked humor fared well at the theaters and people loved the film for its content and the storyline. With Nivetha Thomas and Sree Vishnu received applause for their performance along with the other cast in the film.

For the film was released with minimal screens and the film took time to receive the positive talk in public, not many could watch the film when it was in theaters and by the time it really reached the audience, the film was taken off the theaters. Well, people who wanted to watch then and missed it were waiting for Brochevarevaru Ra to be shown in Amazon Prime and have become restless now.

They started to bother Prime with continuous Tweets and requests to put the film on Prime. All those appeals have got the response from Amazon Help now confirming the release of the film on Prime on 15th August making fans happy.

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