Penguin Telugu Trailer TalkThe full-fledged trailer of Penguin is out. With it, we also get clarity regarding the genre and content of the movie. It is a psycho-thriller.

The basic premise of the Penguin is about a missing son. What is the length to which a mother will go to bring back his child? The adversary here is a psycho killer who is after kids. It increases the challenge for the mother. A couple of twists along the way could make Penguin a perfect outing for digital viewing.

Earlier, Penguin was thought as a horror genre flick. It still has horrific elements involving the psycho, but definitely doesn’t seem to be a horror fare.

Keerthy Suresh is easily the most prominent name present in the movie, from the glimpses of artists we get. She is doing fine, and if there is more meat to her character, it will be a memorable outing for her.

The slick making with excellent cinematography and sound design further raises the interest level on the flick. Santhosh Narayanan is the music director.

Check out the trailer below. Nani released the Telugu version. Dhanush (Tamil) and Mohan Lal (Malayalam) did the same for other languages, respectively. A newcomer Eashvar Karthic directs Penguin. The psycho-thriller will stream on Amazon Prime Video from June 19th. It will be available simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.