Pelli SandaD OTTPelli SandaD was the debut film of Roshan Srikanth and Srileela. The film got bad talk and poor reviews during its time of release. But due to the hit songs, the movie worked commercially to an extent.

But still, Roshan has not created much impact and has not started his second film to date. On the other hand, Srileela has found some fame and has gotten enough attention online.

If we look closely, it has been quite some time since the film was released but there is no news about the OTT release. Sadly, there is also no anticipation for this film on any OTT platforms anymore.

Looks like no one bought this film and if someone would have picked it up even for a low price, it would have worked out well for OTT due to songs. Raghavendra Rao also made his acting debut with this film.