Annaatthe - PeddannaSuperstar Rajinikanth’s Peddanna is heading towards a massive disappointment at the box office. The Telugu rights were valued at a very modest 12 Crore. The amount is paltry given the Superstar’s stature and the market he once commanded her.

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But then, he could not even live up to that paltry amount. The movie has got a disastrous talk and reviews and may even struggle to collect 4 crore Share in its run in both the Telugu States. That means a solid 8 Crore loss. A Rajinikanth’s film collecting a paltry 4 Crore Share film is really a tragedy.

But then, the brand ‘Rajinikanth’ is working in Tamil Nadu. The movie is exceeding all expectations despite ordinary Word of Mouth. The movie is doing very well in single-screen theaters. Sun Pictures has opted for its own release in Tamil Nadu imposing faith on Rajinikanth and it worked there.

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Peddanna is an unbearably outdated and predictable film. Except for the fact, the Superstar is seen in elements and swags, there is nothing for the fans. The Tamil run will be a surprise for sure.