Payal Rajput Upset with a Pic with Venky Mama

Payal Rajput Upset with a Pic with Venky MamaPayal Rajput is coming with her next movie ‘Rdx Love’ and has been giving back-to-back interviews for promoting her film. One thing is clear. She was pretty upset with the way the teaser was cut giving a feel as if the movie is an adult comedy.

However, the entire perception of the movie changed when the trailer came out. Payal says that she received a lot of flak about the bold scenes shown in the teaser. She clarified that there is nothing more than what we have seen in the teaser when it comes to the bold scenes.

She also seems to be upset for the way somebody has written about her pic with Venkatesh while shooting for Venky Mama. She said that she was actually shaking hands with Venkatesh. She was a bit away from the senior because she was eating something.

It wouldn’t look good if she was eating something and hugging the star, opined Payal Rajput. They wrote the caption something like this below the video, “See how Payal Rajput is behaving with Venky Mama’. Payal was hurt for the kind of caption they gave for the pic.

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