Payal Ghosh Jr NTRActress Meera Chopra’s controversy that has been boiling the social media platforms for a day from now, was blown out of proportions due to some anti-fans stance trying to ignite it further and the actress not in a listening mood that those outrageous comments from trolls weren’t from NTR’s die-hard fans.

Another actress Payal Ghosh who acted with NTR in ‘Oosaravelli’ shared a soothing post about her experience with NTR. When she had to change a costume while she was shooting outdoors, the film’s unit created a temporary tent for her.

But, NTR was truly disappointed and unhappy over that temporary arrangement. Payal wrote, “He knows how to respect women and keep it.” Such words from her when Meera Chopra is in no forgiving mood came as a gentle shower in the times of Summer tempest.

NTR’s fans are thanking her for sharing her experience while shooting for NTR’s movie and revealing what kind of a person NTR has been. The controversy started when Meera Chopra said, “I don’t know him I am not his fan,” in an interactive session on social media.