There has been a talk in the industry that top director Rajamouli has ensured top security for ‘Bahubali’s set so that no photographs regarding the film would leak outside. Especially the cell phones and cameras were strictly prohibited to avoid the theft of creativity. Not only Rajamouli, even the actors had to take care and safe guard their product so that the miscreants will not leak out the USP of their projects. Who else than Pawan Kalyan knows the anxiety of such thefts. A major part of the footage of his previous film ‘Atharintiki Daredi’ was leaked out on internet before the film’s release.

To avoid such a mishap regarding his upcoming movie ‘Gopala Gopala’, it is said that Pawan is taking every step to ensure top secrecy regarding his look as Lord Krishna. He is not allowing cell phones to the shooting spot. Even the unit members aren’t allowed to use cell phones on the sets. He isn’t allowing any newcomer on to the sets of ‘Gopala Gopala’. The makers of the film wanna release the first look of the film on the auspicious day of Krishnashtami. So, before that Pawan wants to safe guard his modern Lord Krishna avatar and release it as a surprise. That’s why there is a saying: Once bitten, twice shy. True.