Powerstar Pawan Kalyan owes a large share of his stardom to the Nizam territory which is nothing but the Telangana state now. Pawan Kalyan is without any doubt the biggest star of this area with two his films being in the 20 Cr zone while none of his contemporaries have even one. With this region now being a new state under new rule is trouble brewing in for the star that could affect his market big time, is the latest hot topic doing the rounds in the industry.

Earlier when Telangana was part of Andhra Pradesh state itself, few of his films like Komaram Puli, Teenmaar and Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu faced troubled with some shows being stopped from screening. Back then there was a government that could look into the problem and the troubles created but that isn’t the case now. Will Pawan Kalyan’s scathing remarks on the current CM of Telangana and his party come to haunt his films and in turn effect his films business is something on everyone’s mind.

Many in the industry are keenly waiting to see how the reception will be for the films of Pawan Kalyan going forward. Will it be all smooth or will there be any troubles created is to be seen. Remember some of his upcoming films will have either producer or director from Telangana for sure. Would even then his films will face rough weather? Do you think there will be any problem or things will go on as usual like they were before? Share us your thoughts.