Pawan-Kalyan-suprising-statement‘A.. Aa..” audio event isn’t the first Nithin’s event for which Pawan Kalyan was in attendance. In almost every film, Nithin has been advocating his love for Pawan Kalyan rather explicitly. But didn’t Pawan Kalyan know about Nithin’s fanism?

Pawan Kalyan made a surprising statement during the audio launch event of ‘A.. Aa..’. Pawan said, “I never knew that Nithin is a big fan of mine.” He wished Nithin all the best and hoped he gets fame at even national level.

Though Nithin expressed his fanism several times so far, Pawan not knowing his admiration is a bit surprising. When Nithin was reeling under back to back flops, Pawan Kalyan came to ‘Ishq’ audio launch thinking to help a person who is like brother to him, said Pawan. But his statement on Nithin is bit of a surprise.