Pawan's satirical dig on politicians again

Barely has few days passed after all the brouhaha over the muhurtham of Varun Tej film, we have Pawan Kalyan hitting the news once again. This time it’s for a different cause and different reason. Powerstar today participated in the much publicized ‘Hrudaya Spandana’ Walk for the heart- Reach for the heart event and his comment at the opening ceremony is the reason he is in news again.

Pawan Kalyan lauded the efforts of such independent organization for taking care of the health issues especially among the children’s. He said that good health keeps a person in positive frame of mind and from there on it keeps everything else in positive perspective. While appreciating the efforts of these people he took a calculative dig at the politicians today again.

Pawan Kalyan said that the state has been divided into now and everyone seems to be busy in its politics as always ignoring other important issues like health for example. Not just in out two states but it’s the same all over India thanks to the petty politics, he said. Once again these comments on the politicians have drawn the attention of the media as expected. Pawan Kalyan has a love-hate relationship with the politicians from a long time and has a long history of such comments. And such comments have time and again lead to severe criticism in response.

We wonder what the response is going to be this time or may be everyone is too busy with the upcoming elections and the new states politics to make time for a response. What do you think on the star’s comments? Share us your thoughts.