Meera Chopra Pawan Kalyan

Actress Meera Chopra, Pawan’s Bangaram fame is all set to make her Hindi debut with the movie Gang of Ghosts. Ahead of the movie’s release, the actress talked candidly about her career and the transition from South to Bollywood. Truth is, the actress seems glad to be making the change. Being a hardcore Punjabi girl belonging to Delhi, it had always been difficult for her to adjust in South and she always felt like a misfit. Despite the success of her films and the good money that she was earning, Meera never felt job satisfaction.

Now that she has moved to Bollywood, she seems to feel like an outsider again. However, contrary to South, at least the people here speak the same language as her. When she was in South, people spoke mostly in Tamil and Telugu and many did not even understand English. So Meera is happy that at least she can count on good conversation.