Pawan’s fans not willing to support?

Powerstar, Pawan Kalyan undoubtedly has a huge fan base in Tollywood, but it doesn’t look likely that his fans will walk alongside him in his political journey. They are not half as excited with his political party idea as they were for any of his movies. They don’t want to see another PRP happening.

“We will always follow Pawan Kalyan in Tollywood, but politics is a completely different issue. Megastar Chiranjeevi had a larger fan base than Pawan but had only managed to secure 18 seats in the previous elections. For Pawan, things will probably go worse”, said a fan. Many fans have spent large amounts of money to publicize and support PRP and ended up in huge debts after its merger with Congress. Fans’ association members weren’t even given tickets and that is where they felt betrayed. They are not willing to go through the same, again.

Sources say that Chiranjeevi’s and other heroes of that family’s fans association have together decided to not support this proposed political party. Although it seems like Pawan is making a political entry to correct the mistake his brother has committed, people are afraid to get hit one more time and are not ready to support. In such critical circumstances, does Pawan have a solid plan to make things happen?