Pawan’s Disaster Director Has No Regret

Pawan's Disaster Director Has No RegretPawan may have had many successes and flops in his career, but the one film that fans enjoy to date, and the one film that still continues to be relevant is Khushi, which created an impact like no other film did, and continues to do so even after all these years.

Khushi completed 20 years recently, and as part of the occasion, Khushi director SJ Surya shared his thoughts about the film. He said that the Telugu version of Khushi is the biggest success of his career, and thanked Pawan Kalyan’s stardom and his fans for it. Following the massive success of Khushi, Surya and Pawan collaborated for the second time, for Puli, hoping to recreate the magic.

Speaking about Puli, Surya said that it’s unfortunate that the film turned out to be a disaster, despite the hard work that was put into it. Puli had a lot of expectations on it, during the time of its release, but tanked very badly at the box office upon release. He said that while he has no regrets, he’s still pained about Puli’s disastrous result. To date, Puli is the biggest disappointment in Pawan’s career and is a nightmare to Pawan’s fans.

SJ Surya also said that he’s willing and open to once working with Pawan, with whom he shares a close and friendly bond if the opportunity presents itself. He said that he would very much like to give a success to Pawan, after a disaster like Puli.

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