Pawan Kalyan is undebatedly ahead of the other top heroes in Tollywood with huge fan following to his credit. How much ever they see him on screen, Pawan’s fans feel that is not enough. They want more and more. However, Pawan is presently the part of a project where his role is like an extended cameo. Pawan’s role as modern Lord Krishna in ‘Gopala Gopala’ runs only for 20 minutes on screen in the original Hindi movie. When a star like Pawan is starring in a project, the makers try every way to extend his role to satisfy his fans and even the hero’s ego.

Nevertheless, Pawan is little bit different from others. As per the sources close to the film’s unit, Pawan didn’t like to spoil the flavour of the original movie by extending his role. He opines that character is above the actor and justice is to be done to the character according to its need in the movie. Meaningless modifications just to extend his screen presence didn’t go well with the actor. He voted for the original 20 minutes and refused extention of his role. Well said Pawan, that’s really very thoughful of you!