Cine Actor and Jana Sena President, Pawan Kalyan is doing a whirlwind tour across the Seema Andhra. He is attacking YSR Congress Party from all quarters and making it breathless. He has taken up the slogan that Jagan will make Seema Andhra as Scamandhra went well in to the people. Intelligently, Chandra Babu Naidu had fielded Pawan in areas where the Kapu community and the actor’s fan base is in large numbers and this ploy is working out big time.

Seema Andhra people are angry on KCR and Sonia Gandhi regarding the state bifurcation issue. The hatred they possess is being taken to peak levels by the actor’s speeches and obviously there is an emotional connect between the actor and the people.

Even though Chiranjeevi had garnered bad name in politics, people respect Pawan Kalyan for staying away from politics and the Congress party post 2009 elections and PRP-Congress merger. And the good will is being used now. Pawan intense speeches will surely connect with his large fan base and we will have to see what percentage of votes will Pawan Kalyan bring in for TDP-BJP combine!