Pawan-kalyan-stupid-fan-rgvThe news about Pawan Kalyan’s fan Addanki Ravi from Kharagpur went on his cycle for 1500km was all over media yesterday. While no one took this seriously as fans going extra mile for their favorite stars is nothing new but Ram Gopal Varma took pot shots against the fan and called him idiotic for wasting so much time on road for meeting Pawan. He even called him dumb and said instead of doing this he should rather spend his time on better purposes of what Pawan believes in.

RGV said, as a fellow fan of Pawan, all mindless Pawan Kalyan’s fans is not to do mindless activities of cycling, swimming etc to meet and greet him rather help poor and needy to get Pawan’s tighter hug.

He requested Pawan to advise his stupid fan that he should travel by train to save time and spend it on better things. This will surely irritate the hard core fan who left with a big smile on face. Though RGV said it in his style, there is definitely some truth in it right? Agree?