pawan kalyan sardaar gabbar singh political dialoguesNow that the film, Sardaar Gabbar Singh is just days away from release, things have heated up all over. Insiders suggest that Jana Sena party chief, Pawan Kalyan will use this film and make many political statements through his character Gabbar Singh.

If one can notice, Sardaar deals with land mafia and is set in north India. And Pawan, who is staunchly against the congress party who have been facing strict allegations regarding the land acquisitions will mouth some powerful dialogues which will be indirectly hurled at them and other politicians.

A little birdie from the unit reveals that the film has many such dialogues which are targeted at these people who do justice to the common public. Reports also suggest that Pawan is using all of these to build his political career.

One feels that he has made his films a scape goat and a reason to blast everyone. Let’s see whether this news turns out to be true and how does Pawan Kalyan targets his enemies.