Pawan-Mahesh-NTR’s Career Story in One Frame!Fans of Pawan Kalyan want their star hero to stop doing remakes and try something new. Mahesh Babu‘s fans want their star hero to do proper massy projects. Last but not the least, NTR fans are even frustrated that NTR should release at least one film as it has been four long years since his last.

Gone are the days when fans used to support their favorite stars and their films. Times have changed as these ardent fans are using social media to let their favorite stars know what they think of their films and career choices.

A proper meme revealing this situation has gone viral. It is done in a good taste using the legend Brahmanandam and makes a lot of sense too. This is the current mood of the fans and they want all these aspects to happen soon.

Pawan has also picked his next few films as remakes. Mahesh is opting for safe projects. NTR has slowed down thanks to RRR. Let’s hope that these opinions of the fans reach their respective stars.