Pawan Kalyan's Warning To Mohan Babu!Pawan Kalyan has lambasted YSR Congress Government left, right, and center at the Republic Pre-Release Event. While the issue is about the Ticket Prices issue in AP, he literally touched every controversial issue in Andhra Pradesh and delivered the fieriest speech which will leave those in power fuming.

In his speech, Pawan Kalyan specifically mentioned Mohan Babu and other industry people who support YSR Congress. “Brother Mohan Babu should come out and speak. The industry which fed us is in trouble we should all speak. I know you keep saying you are a relative of the YS family,” he said.

Citing the famous confessional prose ‘Then they came for me’ by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller during Hitler’s times, Pawan Kalyan warned, “It happened for the industry today. It can happen to your school tomorrow. The Government can nationalize the schools and ask students to deposit fees in their account”.

He called for everyone in the industry including his brother Chiranjeevi to revolt. “I call for the industry people to revolt. You are not into looting people. So you have nothing to worry about. You are earning money with your hard work. Keep your fears aside and fight for your rights,” he gave a call.

In all probability, the first retaliation for Pawan Kalyan will come from Mohan Babu himself.