Pawan Kalyan Vakeel Saab - Dhanush KarananDhanush’s upcoming movie with director Mari Selvaraj has got a release date and the makers released a poster announcing the same. The title of this article already reveals that it’s going to be on the same day when Pawan Kalyan‘s ‘Vakeel Saab’ hits the theatres.

The two films are going to come on 9th April 2021. There is a connection between the two movies. ‘Vakeel Saab’ talks about a sensitive issue called ‘consent’ and ‘Karnan’ is speculated to be based on caste riots that happened in 1995 in Tamil Nadu.

The director of the movie, Mari Selvanan already clarified that he didn’t make the movie on the caste riots as he felt that filmmakers needn’t repeat the past real-life incidents. But, his ‘Karnan’ is based on the stories he heard in life, like Mahabharata Karna but a bit different because this ‘Karnan’ will fight it back.

Coming to ‘Vakeel Saab‘ and ‘Karnan’ coming on the same day, both Tamils and Telugus will have a feast but in some areas like in Bengaluru where the original versions will be released, there might be a competition for the number of theatres, probably.