Pawan Kalyan’s tweets unveil fresh dilemma

pawan kalyan reacts on land acquisition actAfter last month’s meeting with the farmers of the Tullur region, Jana Sena Supremo Pawan Kalyan didn’t give a clear plan of action but gave word to the farmers that he would fight for them if the government tries to take away their lands against their wishes. He created quite a stir with his comments, but the next day he expressed full confidence on Naidu.

Once again Pawan Kalyan responded on the land aquisition issue in the capittal region and posted some controversial tweets on the process of land aquisition by AP’s government. On Friday afternoon Pawan tweeted his displeasure on the news he came across in newspapers that AP government has said in the High Court that it would to use ‘Land Aquisition Act’ on unwilling farmers to aquire lands.

Pawan added that if the government decides to proceed with the same thought process then he would stand by those unwilling farmers and fight for them. His latest tweets leave us in a dilemma if Pawan Kalyan is with Naidu or not. He is the same person who laid confidence on Naidu last month?

This sudden latest outburst of sympathy for the capital city farmers is once again creating confusion on Pawan’s stand on the issue. It is a well known thing that majority of the Capital region farmers had no problems to give away their lands for the capital city development except a minority from three villages particularly. Is Pawan kalyan suggesting any new plan of action or these tweets are like his occasional explosions?

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