It seems that Pawan Kalyan’s interest is shifting now that he has made a plunge into politics. When earlier, he used to aim for one to two movies a year at the very least, this time meeting his goals would be tougher for the actor. Pawan is getting busier than ever with his political preparations. He is involved in a lot of meetings regarding the achievement of his political objectives. But even more that, the actor seemed to exude a certain lack of interest in acting from his main political speech. And although the actor has already announced Gabbar Singh 2 and Oh My God remake, it remains doubtful whether the actor will actually get to the making of the film.

Moreover, this is precedented in Kalyan’s family for when Chiranjeevi stepped into politics 2008, he also was at the peak of his career but ultimately gave it up. So there won’t be any surprise if Attarintiki Daredi would remain as Pawan’s career last film.