Pawan Kalyan Harish Shankar BHAVADEEYUDU BHAGAT SINGHPawan Kalyan PSPK28 is one of the eagerly awaited films by cinephiles. The craze around the film is huge as Harish Shankar delivered one of the biggest hits for Pawan Kalyan with Gabbar Singh. And with the duo coming together after 10 years has skyrocketed the buzz.

Pawan Kalyan on numerous occasions revealed his adulation for freedom fighter Bhagat Singh. At his Jana Sena party foundation speech too he iterated that Bhagat Singh inspires him. Well, this adulation seems to turn into a reel for PSPK28.

It is rumoured that makers have locked PSPK28 title as Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh or SamChari. The film is touted to be not only a commercial potboiler but laced with a message. And with a message-oriented takeaway, the film may go away with the former title as this can also be relatable to the fans with Pawan’s high reverence for the freedom martyr. However, an official world is awaited.

PSPK28 is set in a college atmosphere where Pawan Kalyan is rumoured to essay as a lecturer. The film was announced long ago, but with Pawan Kalyan’s commitments, it kept getting delayed. On Pawan’s birthday, the makers unveiled a pre-look poster.