Pawan-kalyan-political-career-troubleJanasena President Pawan Kalyan’s political career is very peculiar since its start. Janasena was launched amid huge fanfare but Pawan Kalyan stunned fans and everyone by not contesting the 2014 election. Fans expected some progress in his political career at least after the elections but Pawan Kalyan did not start a single activity till now. The party do not have a committee or representative. At least the membership drive is also not started.

Pawan Kalyan was interfering in the state politics whenever it is needed in issues like land acquisition, bauxite mining etc but his fans and followers are not at all happy as he always neglected big issues like Special Status which would have got his Superstar image in politics. There is a vacuum in AP as opposition was not reliable to put up fight for Special Status and Chandrababu was silent as any noise from TDP will trouble the state further.

Pawan Kalyan’s biggest mistake is yet to come. He recently announced that he will not be contesting GHMC elections. That will mean that he will be facing 2019 elections. Fans fear by then people will take him easy and there is a danger of him and his party being totally ineffective in the elections.