Pawan Kalyan’s party emblem revealed with its significance

Pawan Kalyan is starting a new party and its been named as Jana Sena. This is yet to be officially recognized as a party by Election Commission but the actor is going to elections with this name despite no official recognition. The members will contest independently most probably under a common symbol, says sources. Meanwhile the actor has gone ahead with a Party Symbol as well for Jana Sena. You can check the symbol/logo below.

It comes with a lot of significance as it combines six significant ideologies binding the imagery together in it. Nations’ glorious history, including its peace and stability after great struggle and life, the soul of an individual its truth and true change within, revolutionary zeal and its opposing force are all symbolically incorporated into the party symbol/logo. The main thing to get out of it is that it brings together the past, present and future of an individual and nation together with a self luminous path to move forward. With so much though put into the party symbol, one hopes that it’s the same when it comes to act as well.