Pawan Kalyan’s Multitasking, A Silver-lining Winning AppreciationPowerstar Pawan Kalyan is on a non-stop working mode. He is multitasking like never before. The star, as a result, is going to deliver something unexpected for the fans. It seems like the visible silver-lining at the moment.

Pawan Kalyan is straddling two different streams currently. He is doing movies and also handling the political activities of his party, Jana Sena. When it comes to films, again, he has multiple ones to work on. It makes multitasking further complicated.

For example, today (March 2nd), Pawan Kalyan is seen working on two films back to back. He shot for PSPK27 in the morning and then went straight to the sets of PSPKRana to join the shoot.

While all the shoot is happening, Pawan Kalyan is also holding meetings with party members to chalk out the plans for the upcoming Municipal Elections in Andhra Pradesh. It is round the clock, work for him.

Still, Pawan Kalyan is seen finishing all the work on time actively. The energy and effort he is putting are simply unbelievable, the bystanders say. But, will it all finally bear fruits is what matters.

Vakeel Saab will be the first significant test. Its openings and final Box Office result will be a deciding factor in Pawan Kalyan’s further career planning. It will decide if multitasking is a mere silverling or it offers something more.

Vakeel Saab hits cinemas on April 9th. The second single, Satyamev Jayathe, will be out tomorrow (March 3rd).