Pawan Kalyan's Hindi Sardar Gabbar Singh is Baahubalian mistake!Director Ram Gopal Varma and Bollywood controversial critic Kamal R Khan are presently concentrating on Pawan Kalyan’s Ugadi release ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’. Not talking about the Telugu version, RGV and Khan have been telling that releasing the Hindi version is a big mistake.

After the film’s release, RGV tweeted that SGS Hindi opening is 2% as he has predicted one month back. RGV says it’s a Baahubalian mistake and appeals to Pawan to open his eyes to bad advisors around him. Is releasing the Hindi version for this film a big mistake?

RGV further adds that Baahubali gave tremendous sky like rise to Tollywood in the eyes of Bollywood and now SGS has crashed it back into the underground. RGV interacted with Varun Tej asking which one is better, Gabbar Singh or SGS. But he chose to be silent.