Nikesha Patel - ChiranjeeviNikesha Patel, not many people might recognize this name now, but a long while back, she caught the attention of many as she paired with Pawan Kalyan in the latter’s much-hyped Komaram Puli. She has caught the attention of netizens again now, albeit not on the right note.

Nikesha has irked Chiranjeevi’s fans with her recent Twitter comment. When a fan asked “one word about megastar mam”, Nikesh replied “Which megastar there so many?”. This response triggered Chiranjeevi’s fans and they are breathing fire on her now.

“This is the reason why u are not getting any films in recent times be humble to every one and think before u answer to any question that elivates your character @NikeshaPatel you acted with powerstar and u are saying that u dont know his brother megastar it doesn’t make any sense” an anguished fan of Chiru commented.

Nikesh had also irked Mahesh Babu’s fans in her recent Twitter chitchat session. When asked to say a word about Mahesh, she replied “Fair and Lovely” which resonates with a women’s beauty cream brand.

She might have tried to interact with the Telugu crowd on social media with good intentions, but her replies came out offensive and she is receiving flak for the same now.

Megastar title is attributed solely to Chiranjeevi in Telugu, but in other language industries, many stars are referred to as Megastars. This could be the reason why Nikesh might have gotten confused. But Mega fans are unapologetic now and they are firing on the actress as they feel she has insulted Chiranjeevi.