Pawan Kalyan's Bday Campaign Lacks PowerPowerstar Pawan Kalyan‘s Birthday is always special to fans. The makers of Pawan Kalyan’s next four films have released one each update about their films on the big day. They are spaced out at equal intervals to create hungama for the entire day.

This is something like the Hungama planned for Mahesh Babu and Chiranjeevi Birthdays recently. The objective of the campaigns on all the three occasions are same but then, Pawan Kalyan’s Birthday campaign could not create the magic.

The updates are not really big and more over the last update is done by evening. There was exciting around Bheemla Nayak. After that, the interest could not be sustained. For example, there is no still with Hari Hara Veeramallu release date announcement. #PSPK29 is no surprise, and PK – HS Pre-Look missed the trick without Pawan Kalyan.

There were official Twitter spaces sessions for Mahesh Babu and Chiranjeevi but not for Pawan Kalyan’s Birthday.

Also, there is no consolidated PR team coordinating between all the four films. If everything would have been in place, the euphoria would have been unimaginable given Pawan Kalyan’s massive following on Social media.