India is a country where majority of the people would do anything for two things; one, Cricket and two, Movies. Talking about Movies, it requires good actors to make good movies. And for becoming a good actor, one has to be trained well. And that, at a great level, is provided by Acting Trainer, Satyanand.

Satyanand has shared few experiences and stories of how he became a successful trainer. After training Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, etc., he has become one of the most popular trainers. He says that he has the ability to identify talent by just having interaction with a student for a mere ten days. Watching Pawan and Mahesh act, he was so sure that he intimated Chiranjeevi and Krishna, respectively, that both will reach great heights in the industry.

When asked if stars had a change in their behaviour before and after becoming a star, he said that they have not changed a bit. The respect they paid while they were his students and the respect they pay now, is the same, he smiled with pride. Producing over 70 artists, Satyanand has a unique image in the Telugu Film Industry.