Pawan-KalyanCan you imagine what would the Power Star do when goes into depression? He wanted to kill himself using a pistol during his young days when he was a student. The star made the hall listen with pin drop silence as he was sharing this experience.

Not once, the star wanted to kill himself twice with depression as he went on to speak of his phase of crisis to a girl who asked about his bitter situations in life. He was depressed in his teens for he was not able to succeed in education life and loaded a pistol at home and almost had the shot unless his brother and sister-in-law saved him as they went to check on him and the hero could overcome that phase with the help of beloved.

And the second time he wanted to kill himself during the shoot of Panja as depression hit him again with continuous failures and felt lonely but this time he could overcome that by himself easily and there on learned to overcome such bitter situations as Pawan says. “Adversity reveals the true character” and concluded that one should learn to overcome the adverse situations.

People may think an Angry man like Pawan can kill others in bitter circumstances but might not have expected him to face such. Well, everyone has their own riddles in their lives.