RamCharan_PawanKalyanDespite both being Mega heroes, Pawan Kalyan fans and Ram Charan fans are indulging in fan wars for the last two days. This fight has taken the ugliest turn now which can’t be put into words.

Pawan Kalyan fans are saying that Ram Charan doesn’t have his own fan following on the ground. If not for them, no one comes forward to put up banners or celebrate the release of Ram Charan’s films Just because he is the son of Chiranjeevi and shows support for Jana Sena on a few occasions, PK fans support Ram Charan, otherwise, he has no stardom of his own.

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Ram Charan fans, on the other hand, are saying that Pawan Kalyan himself became a star with the support of Chiranjeevi. They are saying except for a few idiots, who call themselves PK cults, Pawan Kalyan is a loser as seen in the 2019 elections where the Jana Sena party lost embarrassingly. They say the brand value of Mega family has gone down because of Pawan Kalyan.

These fan wars these days are taking place in Twitter spaces. The recorded videos of these spaces are going viral on social media. These clips are so disgusting that any sane person cannot listen to them with people around him.

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Most of these fans from both groups come into the space drunk. They have left all morals and decency far behind and have no qualms about abusing not only each other’s families but also the families of Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan.

Both the fandoms should realize that by fighting like this in the filthiest way, they are only bringing shame and embarrassment to their favorite stars.

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