With Pawan press release stating his plans to jump into the political fray, it is likely that these plans will disrupt Cheeranjeevi’s political ambitions. Meanwhile, people are also wondering if Pawan has taken Ram Gopal Verma’s words too seriously. It is interesting here to note that RGV has openly supported Pawan’s move and had also opined that he would a better politician than his brother. RGV once tweeted “Even after this proof of how much people love him if Kalyan still doesn’t start his own party he will be the biggest idiot.”

Meanwhile, Pawan is also possession of several qualities that could endear him to other political parties. These reasons include having a huge fan base being one of the top stars of Tollywood, his caste since the Kapu cast seem to be a major vote bank as well as his position as a likely target against his brother Chiranjeevi.

However, most people are in the belief that this is not the right time for actor to test political waters and this may put his film career at stake.

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