Pawan Kalyan Stood In Support Of Naga Babu Once Again!On many occasions, Naga Babu has mentioned that Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi stood behind him financially when he got broke after Orange.

Pawan Kalyan has once again stood in support of Naga Babu. Earlier this week, Naga Babu’s daughter, Niharika was in a pub where police busted a rave party. It is not clear if Niharika was just in the pub or if she consumed the narcotic substance, but she became the center of the whole issue.

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The police did not make any official statement about Niharika but media cameras captured her coming out of the Police Station.

Naga Babu who was vocal about political issues found himself in this mess. He recently announced dedicating the rest of his life to politics and just started to play an active role in Janasena.

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There were several speculations about how this issue will tarnish the image of Pawan Kalyan and Janasena as well.

Even some Janasena supporters said Naga Babu is a liability for the party at this juncture.

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But then, Pawan Kalyan did not care all that. Naga Babu has attended a key meeting of the party in Mangalagiri. He is seated on the dias along with Pawan Kalyan and Nadendla Manohar.

Naga Babu was also given a chance to address the party leaders.

It looks like Pawan Kalyan did not weigh the pros and cons of having Naga Babu on his side at this juncture. Once again, he stood in support of his brother at a crucial time.