pawan-kalyan-sardaar-gabbar-singh-new-stillAs expected various reports are floating around the web regarding the censor of Sardaar Gabbar Singh. So here is our consensus report based on all those reports in addition to our personal sources.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh literally recreates Gabbar Singh again. It is said to follow the same formula right from the beginning till the end. An introduction, set up in new place, the villain gang and police batch, their battle etc and it follows all the way till the Antakshari like Sangeeth episode. The difference here is placement of these in screenplay and characterization of heroine Kajal. The screenplay and heroine get the required freshness.

In the end first half of the film manages to entertain in a way that is likely to be enjoyed by majority but the second half gets dull. How well certain sequences in second half lift the film will decide the range of the film. Overall its certainly not as bad as the theatrical trailer would have suggested. At least that is what the sense one gets from industry till now. Let’s see how it all unravels in a week from now.