Producer_Ganesh_BandlaThere is a talk in the industry that, in the last few years, Pawan Kalyan has become accessible to producers and directors only through Trivikram. It is being said that Pawan Kalyan takes up or rejects a project based on Trivikram’s whims.

Many producers who have given advance to Pawan Kalyan are waiting for their projects to go on floors, but due to Trivikram’s influence, Pawan green lits some other project out of nowhere. Such decisions are disappointing not only to fans but also to the directors who were waiting and producers who gave advance cheques to him.

Harish Shankar is one such director who has been sitting at home for two years because Pawan started shooting other films, despite agreeing to do his film first.

Now Bandla Ganesh has given an interview to a YouTube channel where he has indirectly made some satirical comments on Trivikram. He said, “I was the one who brought out the best in Pawan Kalyan. I recognized his immense talent, and I was the one who felt that this man belonged to another level. But then some Gurujis-burujis came and influenced his flourishing career.”

Many producers felt the same thing, but they couldn’t come forward and say it openly. Bandla Ganesh’s satirical statements echoed with the feelings of the producers and directors like Harish invested on Pawan Kalyan.