With each passing day leading up to the date March 14 when Pawan Kalyan would be officially announcing and launching his own party a new bit of information regarding the same is being released. Today the confusions surrounding the name of party is over. Amidst speculations that there would be no party name and people belonging to Pawan Kalyan party would contest independently we now hear that Pawan Kalyan’s party has got a name after all.

It’s Jana Sena Party (JSP). The name of the Pawan Kalyan’s political party is Jana Sena and reports suggest Pawan Kalyan has himself met the election commission on Monday and submitted the application containing the party name. With an official party name and date for the launch set, all eyes are now on March 14 and the speech of Pawan Kalyan.

The name of the party sounds very powerful and ambitious. It’s also a name that’s expected to go down very well with his fans and public, who have been eagerly waiting for his political entry. Everything now boils down to the event when Pawan is expected to speak alone in Hyderabad on Friday. It will be one of the biggest political event for sure. But no one can guess Jana Sena Party’s success rate at this time.