Pawan Kalyan Memu Saitham Donation, Pawan Kalyan Memu Saitham Charity, Pawan Kalyan Old age Home Donation, Pawan Kalyan Memu Saitham Old age Home Charity We all know how Pawan Kalyan helps everyone during the needy times. But one story which has created headlines is of how the star hero helped a old lady who runs an old age home and looks after people who were left behind by their kids.

The old lady who came to Manchu Lakshmi’s Memu Saitham Tv show narrated a story how Pawan Kalyan received her when she went to his house directly. The old lady revealed that Pawan received her with open arms and took her to his office and offered her food and also gave her one lakh rupees in cash for her old age home.

As soon as she narrated the story there were tears rolling down from the eyes of Manchu Lakshmi and Suma who was the chief guest. This is not the first time that Pawan has done something like this. Even in the past, there are many stories where Pawan has stood for the poor.

This is also the main reason that Pawan has ventured into politics. Ever since this story and video has gone viral everyone has been praising him to heights and we feel that he deserves all of this.