Pawan-Kalyan-Lawyer-Meet-with-Sri-Reddy-Type-LawyersThe ongoing episodes between RGV and Pawan Kalyan look like being part of a big scripted drama after Pawan Kalyan staged a protest in the Film Chamber and then released a video in which he is seen interacting in an animated manner with more than half-a-dozen lawyers.

Looks like, RGV got the much-needed feed for trolling Pawan Kalyan for comparing his interaction with the lawyers as a mockery and Pawan may face defamation case for making them look like junior artists. The maverick director even went to the extent of saying that those lawyers are Sri Reddy type lawyers who aren’t getting opportunities.

RGV seems to be having complete fun in mocking Pawan Kalyan. He further added that he had kept aside his earlier word that he would not comment on Pawan Kalyan because PK had alleged that RGV is doing all this with the support of various TV channels, CBN and other big names. The lawyers’ interaction with Jana Sena song playing in the background indeed looked more like a movie scene.