Pawan Kalyan is similar to Seethaiah

After the powerful speech delivered by Pawan Kalyan, yesterday, people have found similarities between him and another noted personality. Pawan Kalyan seemed to have a similar career as the profound star, Hari Krishna.

Starting from their day of birth, the similarities have begun. They’ve shared 2nd September as their day of birth. Kalyan was born in 1971 where as Hari Krishna was born 15 years ago, in 1956. Hari Krishna was the third son of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao while Pawan was also the third son, of Kunakala Venkata Rao. Another common detail these two stars share is that both wedded multiple times.

According to his friends and family, it is known that Hari Krishna is a person who doesn’t listen to anybody. Well, even here there is a similarity. Pawan Kalyan is known for coming up and following his own ideology.

Hari Krishna established a political party, ‘Anna Telugu Desham Party (ATDP)’ in 1999 while Pawan established ‘Jana Sena Party’ in 2014. The fascinating thing is, both of them have established political parties while in the same age, of 42. Hari Krishna established ATDP after having conflicts with a relative, his brother-in-law, Chandrababu Naidu while Pawan Kalyan established JSP after having differences with a relative, his brother, Chiranjeevi.

And after an enthralling speech from Pawan Kalyan, it brings back the memories to few people who have witnessed Hari Krishna speaking during the launch of ATDP. They say that PK’s speech was similar to that of Hari Krishna’s. Let’s hope that Pawan will be a successful politician unlike Hari Krishna.