Pawan Kalyan Is Right, Industry Is Wrong!The government of Andhra Pradesh has delivered a death blow to the Telugu film industry. As per the new cinematography laws that will be be in effect in Andhra Pradesh henceforth, there will be no permissions for special shows for any film, regardless of its budget or its scale.

Only four customary shows will be allowed per day. All the tickets should be sold through the online ticketing portal that will be operated by the government. This could very well sound the death rattle for films like RRR, Pushpa, and others which are mounted on massive budgets. Recovering such heavy investments with normal ticket prices is near to impossible now.

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Not so long ago, Pawan Kalyan pointed out that the Telugu film industry should start questioning and taking on the government or else, the industry, as a whole, will be subject to more persecution. The industry sidelined Pawan then and opted to try to enter the good books of the government.

Even Chiranjeevi neglected his brother Pawan when it came to this issue. When Pawan spoke against the YCP government’s targeted approach, Chiranjeevi didn’t come in his support as he wanted not to irk the government. He was hoping the Jagan-led government would eventually ease up and permit special shows and flexible pricing. But that didn’t happen.

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Now that the Andhra Pradesh government has announced that there will be no benefit shows and also a cap on the ticket pricing, the Telugu film industry might have to approach the high court.