Pawan Kalyan In 40s Not Match To This Star In 60s?Social media is a strange place. While it provides a great platform for celebrities to interact with their followers, it also serves as a dias for a section of users to manifest pointless fanwars. Here is one such instance which makes very little sense.

The other day, a follower of Malayalam cinema shared an edited snap featuring Mohanlal and Pawan Kalyan. In this snap, we see Mohanlal and Pawan Kalyan in action mode. Both these actors are seen kicking goons in their respective films.

The motive of the social media user who shared this snap seems to be to imply that Mohanlal, who is in his 60’s can lift his leg higher than Pawan Kalyan who is late 40’s, as strange as it may sound. For some odd reason, this snap went viral on social media.

Pawan Kalyan’s fans reciprocated with equal vigour, saying the star actor too fan flaunt his athleticism if needed. They are trying to shut down Mohanlal’s fans by sharing snaps of him showcasing his athleticism.

At a time when the nation is struggling in the fight against the devastating Covid pandemic, a section of social media users have started a debate on which actor can lift his leg the highest. This is as shambolic as it gets.