Finally the political canvassing and campaigning has come to an end today in Andhra Pradesh. For the past month and half, things have been too intense with active campaigning from all the respective parties across the state. Many known faces were part of these campaigns but none more popular than Pawan Kalyan.

The actor has been pretty much on the road for the past two weeks. First in Telangana and then in Seemandhra the actor has been center of all the meeting and canvassing that NDA and its allies had in the state. Many bold comments and many anti remarks, the actor has been part of all. Reports even suggested that the actor has taken ill but even then he continued with his work. And now after all the work it is time for the actor to relax finally. One still doesn’t know what the future holds in hand for the actor after May 16 but for now many feel that he deserved a big time rest for sure.