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Pawan Kalyan’s Financial Aid to an Inspiring Bike Rider

Pawan Kalyan's Financial Aid to an Inspiring Bike Rider Gota Satish KumarPawan Kalyan is always a Good Samaritan. We have heard several stories of him extending help to many in need and here is another such story. In this case, the beneficiary is Gota Satish Kumar who is on an all India bike journey covering all the states and union territories in the country.

Satish who is attempting to make a Guinness Record for the maximum distance covered by a bike rider in a country lost his both legs amputated after a train accident at the age of 26. But then, Satish is taking up the Record Journey with artificial legs. Pawan Kalyan knowing his inspirational journey gave him 5 Lakhs.

Coincidentally, the man from Odisha started his journey on September 2nd which happens to be Pawan Kalyan’s Birthday. What is more inspirational is that Satish is not competing in the disabled category but in General category.Nagarjuna Akkineni Behind Sumanth DivorceDon’t MissNagarjuna Behind Akkineni Hero’s Divorce?Whenever Sumanth comes out to give interviews or for media interactions, one question on his…Ram-Charan--Laziest-Star-Hero-of-2017-in-TeluguDon’t MissLaziest Star Hero of 2017 in TeluguDon’t go by the literal meaning of the title rather think about the one-star hero…US-BO-It-Nani-MCA-Vs.-Vikram-Kumar-Hello-MovieDon’t MissUS BO: It’s Nani Vs Vikram KumarWhile Akhil may prove to be a factor in the Telugu states due to the…Pawan Kalyan - MLA RojaDon’t MissPawan Kalyan’s 400 Cr Package with TDP!Roja has become the official spokesperson of YSRCP who seems to be the first one…MLA roja on Pawan Kalyan Gundu ControversyDon’t Missపవన్ కళ్యాణ్ కి గుండు కొట్టించింది నిజమే – రోజాబండ్ల గణేష్ తో ఇటీవలే జరిగిన వివాదం వాళ్ళ కావొచ్చు మరొకటి కావొచ్చు, వైకాపా ఎమ్మెల్యే రోజా పూర్తిగా పవన్…