Mahesh Kathi - Pawan KalyanFilm critic and reviewer Mahesh Kathi has certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest when he made comments on Pawan Kalyan and questioned on Pawan Kalyan’s political activities. After receiving abusive and threatening messages from the fans, Mahesh Kathi decided to appear on a popular television channel and talk with the fans to argue his point.

But, the programme turned out into a scathing attack between Mahesh Kathi and Pawan Kalyan’s fans. The abuses on the critic went to the next level on the programme. Those Pawan Kalyan fans who called Mahesh Kathi on the programme repeated the same warnings when the programme was going live.

Some even alleged that his ‘Big Boss’ stint was a pre-planned thing and somebody was behind Mahesh Kathi to defame Pawan Kalyan. It was like a never ending fight when Pawan Kalyan’s fans were not in a mood to listen to Mahesh Kathi’s argument. Only that, it turned out to be a big farcical episode.