Pawan-Kalyan-Fans-and-Ram-Charan-Fans-Clash-Over-'OG'-TitleThe announcement of Pawan Kalyan and Sujeeth’s film today created quite a furor on social media. While Pawan Kalyan fans celebrated after a long time, there was a section of fans who created unnecessary fan wars.

The makers of Pawan Kalyan‘s film termed Pawan Kalyan the OG (The Original Gangster). Ram Charan fans have been hailing Charan as the OG since the blockbuster success of RRR. Now a section of Ram Charan fans are hurt that the tag of OG is being taken by Pawan Kalyan.

Due to this that section is spewing venom on social media and creating unnecessary and unwanted fan wars between the Mega fandom itself.

This has gone so much worse that a section of Charan fans have started calling Pawan Kalyan a failure in politics whereas some Pawan fans are countering them by saying Charan doesn’t have his own fan base, all are mainly Chiru and Pawan fans.

This is the lowest and most absurd form of trolling Tollywood Twitter has seen in a while. The fan wars have become so toxic and that too without any proper rhyme and reason.

Mega fans themselves fighting with each other over some random tag is laughable and also worrisome. Fans should stop getting triggered for any and every reason.

Even Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan would be embarrassed that their fans are fighting for such silly reasons.